Rebuilding Together (October 2018)

All across the nation, people are struggling just to survive.  That’s not always the beginning of their story, and it’s certainly not the end.  Concerned people are looking for ways to help those in need, and to make sure their neighbors are able to experience the free America we were taught about in schools.

For those who experience hardship with their physical homes, REBUILDING TOGETHER steps in to help.

This not for profit steps in to help with things like a failing roof, molded walls, paint repair, and other things around the house that may be both expensive and essential.  They are a bridge between companies that want to give back, people who want to have a positive impact, and underprivileged or at-risk people who need their services.

In Wisconsin, Freddy Weidner and his family were people just like you and me, who wanted to give back.  They were able to help families in their area by partnering with Rebuilding Together.  You can read more about that here.

The company has locations all across the country, so if this interests you, or if your company or group is looking for a way to pitch in, visit their site to see which locations are nearest you.  It may be that this is that relational connection to the community that your group has been looking for!

You can click here! to learn how you can help Rebuilding Together reach even more people.

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