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Addy’s Sole Center (Featured Post)

@ the #HeGotUp! event at the Englewood Neighborhood Center, got to sit down with Addy of ADDY’S SOLE CENTER for a brief interview.  Check it out:

In the 3 years that Addy’s Sole Center has been in operation, Addy and her family have gathered and donated thousands of shoes to needy people.  Addy’s Sole Center is always one of the most popular stations at the He Got Up! events, which gather a multitude of resources and services to a local place for struggling and underprivileged individuals.

You can follow the Sole Center team on Instagram @ #solecenterstreetteamorlando

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Global Positive News Network channel (Youtube)

Hello Community! isn’t the only champion of Positive News.  If you’re ever on youtube, check out:

Global Positive News Network channel is constantly updating their good news for your viewing pleasure.

Positive news is a fire.  Let’s keep it going!

Keep on Growing!

Hey Folks!

if you’re interested, there are some great videos on youtube to help you get started with growing your own food at home.  These ways are simple and easy, and it’s easy to get the kids involved too.

Join the community

It’s easy to join the Good News community.  Just post your news here whenever something good happens in your life.  Turning on the news the last two days has given me almost nothing to smile about.  Seeing all of you, in the schools, businesses, churches, and streets of your everyday lives, I’m often filled with joy!  There’s no end to the awesome things I discover when I just ask.

ASK!    Ask!    ask!

Ask around! Good News is everywhere!  And we’re eager to hear it.  All good news, from that big promotion, to a great report card, to a second chance on a well-deserved ticket, is power to smile!

Thanks, Good News Family.                      We love you all.

– Juice


GNFTH continuously promotes activities that invest in the youth of the world.  We absolutely LOVE when those activities get them involved in the environment.  If you are aware of events that are building a future for all of us by investing in our youth, please let us know at



Catching Smiles

This year, GNFTH will be attending the 16th annual Make’mSmile event in Orlando, Florida!

Family non-profit, Nathaniel’s Hope hosts the event each year for families with children with special needs.

A wide range of exhibitors turns out for Make’mSmile each year, bringing a diversity of resources.  Families are exposed to suppliers of things like books in braille, speech therapy, behavioral solutions, pediatric and orthopedic services, and even dance groups!

Tons of people show up to this event co-hosted by Lake Eola Park in Downtown Orlando.  It’s a fun event if you like walking through a parade of smiling families!

If you want to get involved, you can view all the different ways at the event’s home page, or register to be an all-day volunteer here.   

Volunteers are required to stay for the duration of the event and must take a class before attending.

GNFTH is looking into Sustainable Community Projects

Today, the GN’ team will be meeting with young entrepreneurs and discussing ways to educate the community about healthy eating. The purpose is to start with education about community farms and gardens, and end with children preparing meals for impressed adults. Each student will be able to help others learn about why which foods are healthier, as well as the world around them.

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I look forward to meeting with you in YOUR hood some day.

                                                                                                                                   – Juice, GN Reporter

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