Engaging kids with STEM projects

There’s little wonder that schools are pushing more and more into digital territory.  Now that computers and devices with high-speed internet are the status quo for most homes, there is a clear benefit to getting kids involved with digital technologies early.  It’s time to…

Engage the Kids in TechImage: FDR students use electrical components to make fully functioning objects, including a guitar.

In the Verizon Innovative Learning lab at Franklin Delano Roosevelt Middle School in Bristol, Pennsylvania, students are able to practice computer and software programming, sound engineering and other advanced sciences.  This was discussed in an article by the NY Times.

More organizations like Verizon Innovative Learning are targeting troubling STEM gaps among students.  With thousands of jobs erupting in the STEM and technological fields, Verizon Innovative Learning essays to bring more female and under-served students into the education process.

Kids that get involved with the program are encouraged to reach for bigger dreams, made to feel that their dreams ARE achievable.

…and they ARE!

you can learn more about what Verizon Innovative Learning is doing here


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