Education for City Kids

Education and more is made available for inner city, public school kids in Pittsburgh, California.

STS Academy goes beyond just education…

Market Watch released an article recently about a California-based nonprofit that offers after school and other educational programs for inner city youth.  The Success Through Self (STS) Academy began when a Pittsburgh, California resident worked with his son (a teacher at the time) to develop a program that targets the struggling kids of their inner city.

STS logo with young girl

The program is actively partnering with other organizations (like 100 Black Men, and the University of California) to not only aid in education, but to also teach the youth about healthy eating choices.  They are even moving forward with initiatives to teach the young ones to grow food hydroponically from home.  the initiative focuses on growing sustainably, and will help alleviate costs for their families.

kids gathered and smiling outside

You can get the best feel for the kind of work STS does here.  You can donate to their cause at their site here.

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