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Engaging kids with STEM projects

There’s little wonder that schools are pushing more and more into digital territory.  Now that computers and devices with high-speed internet are the status quo for most homes, there is a clear benefit to getting kids involved with digital technologies early.  It’s time to… Engage the Kids in Tech In the Verizon Innovative Learning lab …

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Education for City Kids

kids gathered and smiling outside

Education and more is made available for inner city, public school kids in Pittsburgh, California. STS Academy goes beyond just education… Market Watch released an article recently about a California-based nonprofit that offers after school and other educational programs for inner city youth.  The Success Through Self (STS) Academy began when a Pittsburgh, California resident …

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Mobile Education in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea’s education outlook continues to improve, as the nation continues to focus on educating their youth.  Other nations continue to come alongside them. Check out this very brief article about their mobile education initiative.  

Good News in Pakistan

The Good News From Pakistan referencing an article in the Tribune Fellow journalist Joanna Reid wrote an article in the Tribune celebrating the positive events happening in Pakistan.  Here are a few pointers from her article: about the 1,800 community schools  have been established for girls, helping nearly 100,00 students medicine availability has improved by 21%, …

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Making a Stand For Non-Violence

The organization Black Women for Positive Change is holding their annual                        week of non-violence     The event will end in Baltimore, Maryland after touring several eastern and southern states in the U.S.  There will be several conferences, workshops, and discussions, as well as a …

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A River-Park Protects the Sea!

three floating platforms, with growing plants

Floating in Positive Change!      In the Netherlands, plastics are being gathered from the North Sea to create a Floating park.  The Park is made entirely from re-purposed plastics and is equipped to accommodate plants and wildlife. In Rotterdam, an effort has been underway to protect the seas and oceans from inland pollution.  It’s called …

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Rebuilding Together (October 2018)

All across the nation, people are struggling just to survive.  That’s not always the beginning of their story, and it’s certainly not the end.  Concerned people are looking for ways to help those in need, and to make sure their neighbors are able to experience the free America we were taught about in schools. For …

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A new way to clean city air!

New UK bus brings hope to cities worldwide! An Awesome Way to keep Your City’s Air Fresh A new bus in the Southhampton area of England has a great quirk: it filters the city air as it drives around town.  The bus was developed by a company called Bluestar, and is operated by Go-Ahead. The …

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Positive NEWS is Everywhere!

So much data seems to prove that negativity in the news results in profits, but what does that say about us as a people?  I’m willing to argue that people would rather be surrounded by news that is actually true.  Sure there are people doing horrible things everywhere, along with natural disasters, and major mishaps, …

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