A River-Park Protects the Sea!

Floating in Positive Change!

     In the Netherlands, plastics are being gathered from the North Sea to create a Floating park.  The Park is made entirely from re-purposed plastics and is equipped to accommodate plants and wildlife.

three floating platforms, with growing plants

This park is made from free-roaming plastics collected from the North Sea

In Rotterdam, an effort has been underway to protect the seas and oceans from inland pollution.  It’s called Recycled Park, and it offers a unique look at how helping the environment can be really helpful for everyone.  Workers use plastics gathered from the entrance to the North Sea to create floating park areas.  Special areas in the structures allow for plants to grow on top while accommodating fish looking for a safe place to leave their eggs.

This is a triple positive for people since it provides a unique outdoor experience combining floating structures, plant life and wildlife.  Once plastics enter the North Sea, they can be almost impossible to control, adding to the gross worldwide pollution of our waters.  By catching plastics before they enter the sea, park workers hope to be an example to other parts of the world.  It is a really interesting way of looking at the types of things we can accomplish with “trash”.

Could it be that things are only trash when we are absolutely sure there is no use for them?  GNFTH.com is always looking for ingenious ways in which people are re-purposing “garbage” before it adds to the global ecological problem.  If you’ve heard or seen something interesting like this, be sure to add it here!>>>!

You can Learn More! about Recycled Park here,

or from this article from ArchitectMagazine.com

No matter where you live, you can help the efforts of Recycled Park in several ways (see Here for that)

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